Induction Kits and Air Filters – Why they can help with performance

Induction Kits and Air Filters

Over the next few weeks we will be blogging on hardware modifications that will support our remapping solutions. This will help our customers to make the right choices when planning to take their vehicles to the next stage.

Taking good care of your vehicle is essential in the tuning process so that the engine and mechanical parts are not stressed with the extra power delivered by your remap.

The engine needs to breath and this is achieved by using the air fuel mixture to balance into the correct air to fuel ratio also known as AFR. Once the lambda sensor determines that there is unburnt oxygen it the exhaust it will adjust the fuelling to make sure you are not running too rich or too lean on the AFR.

So you may ask why should I upgrade my standard manufacturer induction kit? The simple answer to this question is explained below:

Adding an uprated induction kit will allow the vehicle to suck in more air to the engine and this will therefore helps with power gains at the top end. The noise of the engine requesting the air it needs will change to a roaring sound as it will no longer be muffled by the airbox fitted by the manufacturer.

Most induction kits will be made of a foam like material which is less restrictive than a airbox or paper filter and therefore allows a good airflow into the engine. The drag is reduced and as most filters are designed in a cone like shape it will produce a vortex pushing clean cold air into the engine.

As the new style induction kits are made of durable material this means that they will last longer and can be washed to keep the foam filter free of oil residue and other dust and dirt that can be collected from the engine bay.

There are a couple of things for customers to be aware of and we have listed some of these below:

  • One size fits all induction kits will do little for performance or induction sound
  • When choosing make sure the kit fits your vehicle and engine variant
  • Smaller engine vehicles generally do not benefit from inductions kits especially under 1400cc
  • When fitting a heat shield or redirection plate are advisable
  • Some induction kits may require additional cold air from bonnet vents or piping from the front end of the vehicle

Vehicles with smaller engines are generally unable to match the AFR due to the injectors being smaller and therefore it will struggle to keep up and this will cause the vehicle to run a lean AFR mix. The exhaust system is also an important factor to consider as it will need to be able to match the flow of excess gases produced by the engine.

Here at JCR LEEDS LTD we are experienced in fitting all types of induction kits and can provide products from many reputable manufacturers. We believe that an induction kit is a perfect supporting modification to compliment our remapping solutions.

Please contact to discuss any kits that you are interested in purchasing for your vehicle and we will provide advice and a fitting service if required.