DSG TCU Tuning

We specialise in VAG Tuning /Remapping  and we have solutions for DSG tuning.
The DSG (Direct Shift Gearbox) is 2 gearboxes with separate clutches in a single housing which makes it easier for faster gear selection. The DSG boxes are Temic Controller Unit (TCU) generations available:

• DQ200 • DQ250 • DQ380 • DQ500 • DQ511 • DL501

Our Tuning solutions will make your gear changes smooth and help provide the gear required immediately.

Increased RPM Limiter

The RPM limiter is removed from both the ECU and the TCU. Our software will ensure that both ECU/TCU have the same limit providing a wider rev range.
Faster Shift Speeds

Our TCU remapping software increases shift speeds up to 20%. Fast slick gear changes means faster sprint times.
Maximise Torque

The TCU has a maximum torque limit, this means when you tune the ECU and it provides more torque than the gearbox allows, it will be restricted by the TCU. Tuning both the ECU and the TCU will allow the vehicle to release its full potential power.
Launch Control

The TCU has lauched control build in and we can unlock this feature if it isnt available as an option on your DSG vehicle.
Kick Down

The TCU controls the kick down feature. We can stop the auto kick down the vehicle which allows the vehicle to be driven at lower RPM’s and doesn't auto change.