DSG Servicing

DSG Servicing

The VW/Audi Group have over 300,000 vehicles on the UK roads fitted with a DSG or S-tronic gearbox. These Automatic Direct Shift Gearboxes (DSG) require servicing at specific intervals to maintain performance and efficiency.

Servicing the gearbox will save money on costly gearbox repairs, maintain the vehicles performance, ensure the manufacturer’s warranty is valid for the gearbox and mechatronics unit.

The DSG gearbox is controlled by the transmission control unit (TCU) which work two clutches. If the gearbox is not serviced, the oil can become dirty, lose viscosity, and overheat causing the clutches to burn out. This will affect the smoothness of the gear changes or possibly cause the failure of the full gearbox system.

Using non-approved products can damage the mechatronics and will also void the manufacturer warranty. As we use only OEM parts and oil when servicing these vehicles, you can maintain your warranty with the manufacturer*.
Below is a table of service schedules for the different DSG transmissions:

We are often asked about the ZF gearboxes commonly found in BMW and some other vehicles, we do service these too. Please see the prices at the bottom of the table.

Gearbox typeCodeGearsService interval
DQ2500D96-speed40,000 miles - £250
DQ3810GC7-speed80,000 miles - £350
DQ5000DL7-speed40,000 miles - £280
DQ5000BH7-speed40,000 miles - £280
DL382---7-speed40,000 miles - £280
DL501---7-speed40,000 miles - £390
ZF6HP19/21/26/286-speed60,000 miles - £570
ZF8HP45/51/70/758-speed60,000 miles - £640
* The EU Block Exemption Regulations allow independent garages to service and carry out small repairs to vehicles to allow fair competition. If specified genuine parts are used during the warranty period, the manufacturer must maintain their agreement in terms of warranty on the vehicle.

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