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EA888 (MQB) Oil Service Guide

Here at JCR (Leeds) Limited we specialise in maintaining the high performance EA888 MQB Platform, we offer the full range of servicing requirements for these vehicles. The EA888 GEN 3 engine can be found in many different performance VAGS: Audi S3 (8V), Volkswagen Golf R Mk7, Volkswagen Golf R Mk7.5, Volkswagen T-Roc R, Volkswagen Arteon, Volkswagen Polo GTi (AW), Skoda Octavia Mk3 (5E), Audi A3 TSI (8V 12-20), Audi TT S Mk3 (8S), SEAT Leon Cupra Mk3 (5F), Volkswagen Tiguan R, Porsche Macan, Cupra Ateca (VZ1) and many more VW Audi Group (VAG) vehicles.

Changing the engine oil in your EA888 (MQB) is an essential part of keeping your car maintained and engine healthy. The engine oil has an important role in keeping your engine lubricated to reduce the wear on the moving parts. 

Changing the oil can be a DIY job, the below guide explains how to do this:


What happens if you do not change your engine oil on time? 

  • Increases engine wear.
  • Fuel economy decreased. 
  • Overall engine performance decreased. 

The job of the engine oil is to keep all moving parts in your EA888 (MQB) engine lubricated. Without adequate lubrication the moving parts in your engine will wear and all debris to circulate inside the engine, potentially causing catastrophic damage. 

As oil ages it will suffer with degradation, the molecules of the oil break down and it will lose its viscosity. The oil can become oxidised and contaminated when used for too long. We suggest using fully synthetic oil to provide your EA888 (MQB) with good lubrication. 

Always follow the manufacturers service schedule Unless your vehicle is run at a higher velocity than a stock vehicle, we recommend using high quality synthetic oil like Millers 5w 40 and servicing every 5,000 miles instead of 10,000 miles. The same can be said for vehicles over 80,000 miles as these engines have seen a lot of use and require more frequent maintenance to keep their reliability.

When should you change the engine oil on a EA888 (MQB)? 

Below is a full interval guide for the EA888 (MQB):

EA888 Service Schedule UK

How much will it cost to change engine oil on a EA888 (MQB)?

We sell an OEM service kit for our EA888 (MQB) owners who wish to service their own vehicle. You can use these parts to provide to your local garage if you want them to use and maintain your manufacturer warranty if applicable. 

We offer 2 options for the EA888 GEN3 (MQB):

OEM Sump Plug 

OEM Oil Filter 

OEM Quantum 5w30 (6L) (5L+1L


OEM Sump Plug 

OEM Oil Filter 

Millers 5w40 (6L) (5L+1L)


We offer 2 options for the EA888 GEN1 (MQB):

OEM Sump Plug 

OEM Oil Filter 

OEM Quantum 5w30 (5L) 


OEM Sump Plug 

OEM Oil Filter 

Millers 5w40 (5L) 

If you are booking in with us to bring your EA888 down to our unit, the costs are as follows:

  • Interim Oil service using Quantum 5w30 £140
  • Interim Oil service using Quantum 5w40 £140
  • Interim Oil service using Millers 5w40 £180


How long will it take to complete an oil change on a EA888 (MQB)? 

It will take around 30 minutes to complete the engine oil service on your EA888 (MQB) 


What tools are required to change the oil in your EA888 (MQB)?

  • 32mm oil filter socket 
  • Flat head screwdriver 
  • Diagnostic scan tool 

What Parts are required to change the engine oil in your EA888 (MQB)?

    • EA888 GEN 1 Oil Filter 06J 115 403 Q
    • EA888 GEN 1 Oil Filter OEM Part Numbers 06A115555B/06H115403/06H115561/06J115403C/06J115403A/06J115403J/06J115403M/06J115561B
    • EA888 GEN 3 Oil Filter 06L 115 562 B
  • EA888 GEN 1 Sump Plug N91 167 901
  • EA888 GEN 3 Sump Plug 06L 103 801 
  • Engine Oil (Quantum 5w30 / Quantum 5w40 / Millers 5w40) (requires 5.7L EA888 GEN3 / requires 4.7L EA888 GEN1)

Step by step Guide to servicing your EA888 (MQB):

1: Draining the engine oil

Before starting to drain the engine oil, make sure you have the car level and safe on the ramp or for those at home on secure the car level on axle stands.

  • Remove oil filler cap (this allows vacuum to release oil quickly). 

  • Lift car to desired height. 
  • Place oil drain under the drain plug before removing and dispose of oil environmentally friendly.

  • Using a flathead screwdriver insert into sump plug and twist anti clockwise and remove.  
  • Allow full contents of the oil to drain into the oil drain pan.


2: Removing/Replacing the oil filter

 Once all the oil has drained from the engine, you are now ready to remove and replace the old oil filter. 

  • First, Remove the engine cover by pulling it up with a little force to unplug it from the rubber lugs.  

  • The oil filter cap is located to the left-hand side of the engine. 

  • Remove the oil filter cap with a 32mm socket. 
  • Remove the filter from the oil filter cap (if it came out with the cap) and dispose environmentally friendly. 
  • Remove the rubber o-ring seal using a pick or small flathead screwdriver. 

  • Lube the new o-ring with fresh oil and place in position on the oil filter cap. 
  • Place the new filter inside the oil filter cap, gently push on to lock into position. 

  • Thread the filter and cap back onto the oil filter housing, make sure its thread is engaging properly to avoid damaging it.
  • The correct torque for the oil filter cap is 25nm + 5nm. 

3: Refilling the engine oil 

Before filling the engine with fresh oil make sure you have replaced the sump plug and oil filter. 

  • Thread the drain plug in the plastic sump.
  • The tab will click when it locks into the slot fully. 

  • You are now ready to refill the engine with the initial fill. 
  • Only use high quality fully synthetic 5w30 / 5w40 oil. (Recommended Millers 5w40 Nanodrive) 

  • We advise around 5.2L for the initial fill. 
  • Check the oil level on the dipstick.

  • Once the oil level appears to be full replace the filler cap 
  • Start the engine to allow the oil to circulate for 2-3 minutes. 
  • Stop the engine and check the oil level again if more oil is required fill to a maximum of 5.7L in total. 
  • Refit the engine cover, the four corners will pop on when you push against each rubber lug.     

4: How to Reset the service light?

Now you have changed the oil in your EA888 (MQB) it is time to reset your service light. You can do this from the car or with a capable diagnostic scan tool. 

  • The reset in the car settings first, hold down the “0.0” on the instrument cluster. 
  • While still hold the “0.0” button tap the engine start button (do not have your foot on the brake when doing this step) 
  • After doing this a message stating “reset oil change service” will appear 
  • Press the 0.0 again to confirm this action and your service indicator will have been changed 
  • If you are doing a full inspection repeat the above and it will give you an option for “Reset Inspection Service” press the 0.0 button again to confirm
  • This service light reset works on the digital dash too

  • You can also perform a service reset using a diagnostic scan tool and these should have an option to reset the service indicator. 


5: Updating the digital service record with Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, Skoda, Cupra. 

Keeping your digital service record up to date is important to retain value of your vehicle and provide any new owners with evidence to show your vehicle has been satisfactorily maintained. 

Only the vehicle manufacturer or authorised independent garages can update the digital service record for your vehicle. 

As a VW Audi specialist, we are fully authorised to update your digital service record when you have your vehicle serviced with us. To book your EA888 (MQB) contact one of the team for availability.   

Following the above straight forward steps, you will successfully have changed your EA888 engine oil. Thank-you for reading our guide, we do hope you found it useful. To follow us for more content and a little humour, you can subscribe to our Youtube channel here


  • 5.2 – 5.7L Service fill capacity / 5w30 or recommended 5w40 
  • 32mm Oil Filter Socket / replace at 25nm + 5nm = 30nm 

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