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The Haldex System is used by Volkswagen Audi Group (VAG) on their all-wheel drive (AWD) vehicles, the system comprises of an oil pressure activated clutch coupling which can switch the vehicle from Front-Wheel Drive (FWD) to all-wheel drive in an instant. 

Some of the newer high performance VAG FWD vehicles are also fitted with a system similar to the Haldex Coupling featured on the AWD VAG vehicles. (More on VORDERACHSQUERSPERRE - VAQ system HERE)

The Haldex System has an electronic controller that messages the differential to send power to an individual wheel allowing better traction control, the vehicle’s ability to switch between the two drive systems provides the benefit and economy of a 2WD but also the performance and handling of an all-wheel drive when you need to engage all the wheels.

The benefits include: 



  • Improved traction
  • Refined driving behaviour
  • Optimum powertrain strategy for cornering, overrun mode or towing
  • Intelligent balance of force between the front and rear axle
  • Improved Stability for both on-road and off-road conditions 


As the Haldex system works on an oiled clutch, it will require servicing at regular intervals to maintain performance and efficiency. The manufacturers recommendation for servicing is oil change every 20,000 miles & filter change every 40,000 miles however, in our opinion, this should be done on an annual interim service depending on your driving style and which generation Haldex System is fitted to your vehicle. 

Our VW AUDI specialist service centre in Crossgates, Leeds is fully equipped to service and repair any VAG vehicle fitted with a Haldex System. 

Our team of technicians are highly trained and skilled in diagnosing Haldex System faults. Using our experience and advanced intelligent diagnostic suite, we can provide our customers with pinpointed diagnostics to recommend the most cost-effective solutions. 

We are the main provider of advanced Dealer Level diagnostics and software to the local trade garages in the Leeds and surrounding West Yorkshire area. The All-Wheel Drive (AWD) Haldex Coupling is something we specialize in, and we can offer the following Services relating to the Rear Differential and final drive system.

  • Oil & Filter Service
  • Oil & Strainer Clean
  • Diagnostics 
  • Pump Replacement 
  • Controller Repairs
  • Differential Replacement 
  • Final Drive Oil Top Up 
  • Final Drive Replacement 
  • Transfer Box Replacement


For vehicles with electronic service books, we will update these direct with Audi, VW, Seat & Skoda to maintain your service history and retain value of the vehicle for resale purposes. 

If you have taken your vehicle to a garage and they cannot offer you a solution or do not know how to service your Haldex Coupling, call us at JCR (LEEDS) LTD we will be able to service & diagnose any faults relating to your All-Wheel Drive system. 

Due to the costly nature of Haldex System faults we are offering our customers interest free finance on these types of repairs. – Click here to find out about finance

Why should you service your Haldex System regulary?

Your AWD Haldex coupling is a complicated piece of kit, the multi-plate clutches engaging when your vehicles AWD kicks in creates friction between the surfaces of the coupling. Due to friction within the Haldex Coupling it will inevitably, over time will cause a build-up of small particles which contaminate the fluid and block the filters and strainers. 

2015 Audi S3 – GEN 5 Haldex Pump – Clogged strainer  

2006 Golf R32 – GEN 2 Haldex Filters – Old and New

The Haldex Coupling needs to remain submerged in clean Haldex High Performance Oil, this wet clutch system is what engages the rear final drive on your vehicle. If the Haldex Oil becomes contaminated and your filter or strainer become clogged, this can directly result in the multi-plate clutch & pump overheating due to starvation of the fluid it requires to operate. This could potentially damage other components of the Haldex assembly.  

GEN 5 Haldex Coupling Assembly 

The Haldex system can suffer with a build-up of condensation due to inactivity, if the system is rarely used this build-up stops the Haldex Oil activating as it should therefore resulting in damage to the friction plates in the clutch. 

Servicing this part of your vehicle is extremely important to act as a preventative measure to negate the above types of damage.  Our website focuses on each Generation of the Haldex All-Wheel Drive Coupling and provides information on products, parts, tools, and guides required diagnose Haldex Faults or perform a Haldex service properly and safely.  

2001 Audi TT – GEN 1 Haldex Oil & Filter Service

We like to share our knowledge with our peers & customers, part of our business model is to offer the motor enthusiasts out there our support to maintain your own vehicles. We hope you find the information you were looking for by visiting our Haldex Servicing & Repairs page, feel free to share this information.

We offer service kits and repair parts for each Generation the Haldex Coupling. Please see our online store for products and downloadable guides. 


Haldex GenerationServicePriceLink
Haldex Gen 1Oil and filter change£150Haldex Generation 1
Haldex Gen 2Oil and filter change£150Haldex Generation 2
Haldex Gen 4Oil and filter change£185Haldex Generation 4
Haldex Gen 5Oil change and strainer clean£120Haldex Generation 5
VAQ Front DifferentialOil change and strainer clean£120ELSD Front Haldex
Torque SplitterTBATBATBA


* The EU Block Exemption Regulations allow independent garages to service and carry out small repairs to vehicles to allow fair competition. If specified genuine parts are used during the warranty period, the manufacturer must maintain their agreement in terms of warranty on the vehicle.

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