Haldex Servicing

Haldex Servicing

The Haldex system is used by VAG on their all-wheel drive vehicles, the system comprises of an oil pressure activated clutch coupling which can switch the vehicle from FWD to all wheel drive in an instant.

On some of the newer VAG performance 2WD vehicles they also use a Haldex front differential to help put as much traction down as possible.

The vehicle’s ability to switch between the two drive systems provides the benefit and economy of a 2WD but also the performance and handling of an all-wheel drive when you need to engage all the wheels.

As the Haldex system works on an oiled clutch these do require servicing at regular intervals to maintain performance and efficiency. The manufacturers recommendation for servicing is every 20,000 miles but, in our opinion, this should be done on an annual interim service depending on your driving style. (Our customers generally love to test their vehicles handling to the maximum)
On the early generation Haldex systems they use either just oil or Oil and a filter. On the newer Gen 5 systems they have an internal strainer attached to the pump. In our experience we have found upon inspection most of these strainers to be full of particles from the clutch plates and can often become blocked causing failure. (See top image)

As part of the service on the Gen5 Haldex system we will remove and clean the strainer before filling the system with genuine OEM oil maintaining your vehicles warranty*.

We use genuine VCDS/VAG-COM diagnostic tools to make sure all diagnostics checks and priming the pump are completed.

Haldex GenerationServicePrice
Haldex Gen 1Oil and filter change£150
Haldex Gen 2Oil and filter change£150
Haldex Gen 4Oil and filter change£185
Haldex Gen 5Oil change and strainer clean£115
VAQ Front DifferentialOil change and strainer clean£115


* The EU Block Exemption Regulations allow independent garages to service and carry out small repairs to vehicles to allow fair competition. If specified genuine parts are used during the warranty period, the manufacturer must maintain their agreement in terms of warranty on the vehicle.

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