EA113 Cam Follower Replacement Guide

How to Change the Cam Follower on Your EA113 Engine

On the EA113 engine platform one of the most common faults that occur are faults derived from a bad cam follower or fuel pump. The EA113 uses direct fuel injection and a high-pressure fuel pump to distribute the fuel efficiently. The system uses a thrust sensor (Located on the top of the fuel pump) which reads the fuel pressure and relays this information to your vehicles ECU, this allows the pump to send the right amount of fuel required for combustion.

One of the parts which requires regular servicing is the CAM follower, this part is made of metal and registers the position of the Camshaft by touching the CAM lobe and the CAM follower. As both of these parts are made of metal over a period of time the CAM follower will deteriorate and the hardened coating on the CAM follower will wear. Once the coating has worn down eventually the CAM follower will start to wear and deposit metal filings into the valvetrain. Having metal filings in the valvetrain is something which will lead to catastrophic engine failure.

The advised service interval for changing the CAM follower is between 10,000 – 20,000 miles.

This is a job that an enthusiast would be able to undertake at home with the correct tools, below we have written a guide.

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Symptoms of a failed High-Pressure Fuel Pump and Cam Follower:

When the fuel pump or CAM follower are failing, it will show some symptoms to indicate what fault has occurred. The first thing you may notice is the vehicle has an intermittent sudden loss of power. Below are some common symptoms and associated fault codes:

  • Intermittent loss of power under boost conditions
  • Misfiring
  • Fuel Cutting out
  • Engine Stalling / Not starting
  • P0089 - Fuel Pressure Regulator 1 Performance
  • P0087 - Fuel Rail/System Pressure: Too Low
  • P1093 - Bank 1; Fuel Measuring System 2: Malfunction
  • P2293 - Fuel Pressure Regulator Valve (N276): Mechanical Malfunction

Tools required to replace your HPFP and Cam Follower:

  • 17mm Spanner
  • 13mm Spanner
  • 24mm Spanner
  • 3/8 Ratchet
  • 3/8 Torque wrench
  • Capable Diagnostic Tool


Parts required to replace your HPFP and Cam Follower:

  • Fuel Pump – OE Numbers: 06F127025H / 06F127025K / 06F127025M / 06F127025F / 06F127025B / 06F127025J / 06F127025L / HFS853102B / HFS853102A / HFS853108A / HFS853A108 / HFS853102 / HFS853108 / HPP0004 / HFS853A108A
  • CAM Follower – OE Numbers: 06D 109 309 C / 6D 109 309 C / 06D 109 309 F / 06D 109 309 / 6D 109 309 F / 6D 109 309
  • Fuel Pump o-ring – OE numbers: WHT 005 184 / 06E 127 248 / 03C 127 311 / OE 3C 127 311 / OE 6E 127 248
  • Fuel pump bolts – OE Numbers: N10624701

How to replace your HPFP and Cam Follower:

Step 1: Remove Air Intake & Engine Cover

The air intake for the EA113 is built in to the engine cover and this is the first part that you will require to remove to gain access to the HPFP and CAM Follower.

  • Disconnect the MAF Sensor electrical plug
  • Unclip the metal clips located next to the MAF sensor
  • Move engine cover from side to side to remove fully


Step 2: Bleed the High-Pressure Fuel Pump

The fuel system is pressurised and therefore you will have to bleed to pressure from the system before removing the pump itself.

  • Disconnect the electrical plug to the fuel pump (located on top of pump)
  • Start vehicle and allow to run long enough for pressure to reduce
  • Disconnect thrust sensor (located to left hand side of the pump)
  • Remove dust cover of Schrader valve (located bottom of right-hand side of pump)
  • Place some rags under the pump to soak up fuel
  • Undo the 13mm valve and allow fuel to drain

Step 3: Removing the High-Pressure Fuel Pump

Start by removing the hard fuel lines that are connected to the bottom of the fuel pump:

  • Use a 17mm spanner to crack loose
  • Remove hose clamp from rubber fuel line
  • Using a T30 fully unscrew all 3 fuel pump bolts
  • Gently rock fuel pump until seal loosens
  • Remove rubber fuel line
  • Fuel pump should be free and removed

Step 4: Removing and Replacing the Cam Follower

Once you have removed the fuel pump you will have access to remove the CAM follower:

  • Remove CAM follower
  • Inspect for damage but do not reuse
  • Inspect CAM lobe for damage/scratches

Now the CAM follower has been removed you are now ready to install the new one:

  • Clean the area around where the fuel pump sits
  • Make sure CAM lobe is clean
  • Check the CAM Shaft Lobe is not stopped on its peak (difficult to reinstall the follower)
  • Apply some clean engine oil on to the CAM Lobe
  • Before installing new CAM follower lube with fresh engine oil
  • Install CAM Follower flat (Flank side) to the lobe with both adequately lubricated with fresh engine oil

Step 5: Installing the new High-Pressure Fuel Pump and Thrust Sensor

Once the pump is out you can fit replacement parts, you will need to fit these using a vice to apply the correct torque to the fittings.

  • Place pump into vice and clamp an area that won’t cause damage
  • If installing new thrust sensor use a 24mm spanner 30nm
  • If fitting a new barbed fitting use a 17mm spanner and torque to 30nm
  • If installing a new schrader valve use 13 mm spanner
  • Once pump is ready position and reattached rubber fuel line before installing fuel pump bolts
  • Using new fuel pump bolts use T30 and torque each to 10nm
  • Using a 17mm spanner reattach the hard metal fuel line bolt and torque best you can to 27nm
  • Plug electrical fittings back on the pump
  • Put cap back on Schrader valve

Step 6: Refit Air intake and the engine cover

Once you have refitted the pump and the cam follower, you can now refit the air intake and engine cover.

  • Reinstall engine cover and attach the 2 metal clips
  • Plug MAF sensor back in
  • Check diagnostics and clear any codes
  • Put ignition on and cycle fuel before starting the vehicle

For any more information feel free to give us a call and we will be happy to assist with any enquiries you may have.

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