Quite simply put this vehicle in our opinion is from another planet. Audi have done such a good job in all aspects of this car. The sleek but aggressive looks, exceptional handing, explosive and outrageous acceleration make this one of the best performance vehicles on the road currently.

We wanted to write a full review on this job as it was such and pleasure to give the customer exactly what he was asking. This customer was very happy with the RS6’s performance but approached us to see if we felt there was anything we could do to improve the vehicle.

The answer to that question was of course!! We specialise in VAG tuning and although the RS6 is a complex job (if done properly) it was something we wanted to do and thoroughly enjoyed the whole process from start to finish.

We spent some time working with this customer to refine the map and run live data logs from the vehicle before and after installing the upgraded software. It took a couple of days to collect the live data and prepare the remapped file. The way this ECU controls each element of vehicles mechanics and then makes adjustments to consider driving style, weather conditions isn’t anything like your standard vehicles.

If you put rockets on this thing and flew it to the moon I am sure this ECU would have a setting for it. With the information we collected from running live data logs and what we already know about these vehicles we prepared the file for tuning.

Our installed software instructs the engine to make more power. The new map runs more boost pressure, advances ignition timing, optimizes cam shaft positions, corrects the right air/fuel ratio and the ECU makes adjustments every millisecond keeping the engine cool and safe.

We started with a very healthy stock performance of 597 BHP & 553 LB/FT Torque and we applied a custom stage 1 performance tune. This customer has since installed an Eventuri Air Intake and run his vehicle on a 4wd dyno producing 2 runs of 684 BHP – 612 LB/FT & 691 BHP – 621 LB/FT.

We (well I) got to test drive this absolute machine after we installed the tuned map and there are just no words to explain how impressed the customer and myself were with the results! The Power of this beast is phenomenal with seamless delivery of acceleration nearly put me into the back of boot yet alone the seat!

This customer is returning before the summer for his Stage 2 upgrade where we will be installing a Custom CSK Race Exhaust setup. Stay Tuned for updates…………